It is recommanded to moderate your speed and refrain from exceeding the limitations, to be careful if you are riding on irregular and unstable roads, de slow down under rain, snow and hail conditions, to remain attentive to traffic, to keep balance while stopped because you need to control about 300 kg. It is also recommanded to always use the "roll-lock" stabilizer when the vehicle is stopped.

The Mercurio, Vestratis or Optimus module is a second-hand accessory, independent from  Piaggio and therefore received without a seat belt. In consequance, Par conséquent, in accordance with Article R431-1 of the Traffic Laws, in road traffic, pilot and passenger must wear an approved helmet. This helmet must be tied. The fact, for a pilot or a passenger, to contravene is punishable by a fourth class fine. Moreover, the vehicle whose pilot is riding without wearing an approved helmet or without it being tied, can be immobilized according to Articles L325-1 to L325-3. When this violation is committed by the pilot, it will legally imply reducing three points from the driver's licence.
Most insurers of motorcycles and scooters
propose to cover accessories up to 1,500 €, to 3,000 €, or to 5,000 €,
therefore insuring all the SCODIAM product line.
Having these "accessories" adds some weight to the vehicle and lightly raise its center of gravity. This is however unimportant considering the initial weight of the scooter at about 250 kg with a very low center of gravity, especially with a three-point support on the ground. But, it is important to be aware of this change and to take some time get used to the new configuration after adding the module on the scooter.

We want to make you aware that a Piaggio MP3 equipped with the Mercurio, Vestratis or Optimus module is handling a little differently on the road. It is important to be conscious of the spreading of charges in the Mercurio box and to make sure that the heavier charges are placed at the bottom and the lighter charges on top, and that the objects in the bow are not mobile and unstable. Being at the passenger position, the maximum load authorized in the box is 60 kg (132 lbs) spread according to the previous requirements.
Even though the Vestratis hardtop is designed as a plane wing et the double-curved windshield is designed to help with the airflow, you still need to take some time to get used to its new behaviour. The same applies to the box with a wind impact surface.
Obviously, since the Optimus is a fusion of the Mercurio and the Vestratis, all their recommandations apply as well here.

Adding the Mercurio/Vestratis/Optimus module on a Piaggio MP3 three-wheeler
requires some precautions.