SCODIAM is the association of the innovation mind mixed with the automobile professional skills. We have partners from this industry who allow us to present products on those standards. We benefit from their know-how and from the technologies used in the automobile industry to reach our top-of-the -line quality.
To present SCODIAM, we could talk about its partners who brought their expertise, its engineering cabinets who helped develop the projects, or the multiple meetings which have contributed to the launch of the Vestratis, first product and flagship of the company.
But SCODIAM is firstly set to serve you.
You, the customers, who have been at the center of our concerns since the beginning of this adventure.

SCODIAM wants to spread its values and vision to all our contributors to better inform allusers of our brand.

Daily, SCODIAM attempts to show that the company is a place of sharing and exchange to respect all parties involved in its development.

SCODIAM recruits junior and dynamic profiles.
By giving our trust to the young, we are involving them in key positions. We are training, in our own way, the leaders of tomorrow.


SCODIAM innovates to improve comfort, safety and protection of the three-wheeled scooter users by conforming to the requirements from  the automotive sector.
Beyond being a simple accessory, our first product, the Vestratis, is a whole, a concept, and it announces our next innovations.

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