Commercial release on 01 September 2018
MERCURIO box available
independently of the scooter
We can turn your Piaggio MP3 into a fast utility vehicle

Between € 2,000 and € 2,500 net
VAT is deductible outside France on the complete commercial vehicle with the MERCURIO.
The financing offer (lease with purchasing option) presented here is for 60 constant monthly rents, without contribution, without premium first rent,
with a 1% residual value, with a financial loss guarantee, an extension of warranty, registration and engraving of the vehicle.
Other leasing options are possible.
Options : rider's backrest, handle bar muffs, heated grips, leg cover, carpet foam mat, ...
Piaggio MP3 300 LT Mercurio (60x60x70)
Piaggio MP3 350 LT Mercurio (60x60x70)
from 8 999 € net (without option)
from 9 599 € net (without option)
Lease from 240 € net
Lease from 250 € net
Piaggio MP3 500 LT Mercurio (60x60x70)
Piaggio MP3 500 HPE Mercurio (60x60x70)
from 10 599 € net (without option)
from 10 899 € net (without option)
Lease from 290 € net
Lease from 295 € net