With traffic restrictions and difficult parking in urban areas, even the usual commercial vehicles are struggling to make their way and park.
We therefore propose the new Piaggio MP3 LT 300/350/500 ABS/ASR Euro4, converted as a rapid commercial vehicle with several trunk sizes (from 260 to 340 litres) positioned in place of the passenger seat, allowing greater stability and greater volume capacity.
In these times of intense urban traffic, the three-wheeled scooter brought an alternative to the car. The Vestratis goes one step further, offering some advantages of cars and all those of scooters, an optimal protection to weather conditions with its duo of hardtop/windshield.

Whether under rain, snow, hail, or sun, the Vestratis faces the vagaries of the weather throughout the year. It improves the aerodynamics of the vehicle and the windshield protects the driver from projections.
To take another step further toward to automobile, the Optimus mixes the Mercurio and the Vestratis in one commercial vehicle covered with a hardtop and with a windshield.
The perfect mix for companies and professionals who wish for a high-end light vehicle which can hold their colours, bring an additional benefit to the business, and allow the pilot to be protected from the weather conditions and increasing comfort.
The Mercurio/Vestratis merging is done without difficulty.