The different versions of the scooters classified as "light commercial vehicle" allow professional buyers to legally partially recover the VAT on the vehicle (French regulation).
With traffic restrictions and difficult parking in urban areas, even the usual commercial vehicles are struggling to make their way.
We therefore propose the new type of Piaggio MP3 LT 300/500 ABS/ASR, converted as a light commercial vehicle with several trunk sizes positioned in place of the passenger seat, allowing greater stability and greater volume capacity.
This new type of utility vehicle can also be equipped with the VESTRATIS hardtop roof and windshield module.
The VESTRATIS is a non-intrusive module composed
of a hardtop roof, a laminated windshield with a
dual-speed wiper (and a tilting backrest for the pilot).
The three-wheeled scooter brought an alternative to the car, reducing traffic jams and frustration.
Our innovative concept goes even further. We associate the advantages of cars and those of scooters: the perfect mix.
Vestratis is comfort and protection without wasting time. Its unique style symbolizes innovation and originality.
The windscreen wiper allows you to keep perfect visibility at all time. Therefore reducing the hazards related to bad driving conditions.
Two speeds of wiping are available in order to have perfect control.

The Vestratis features a comfortable backrest allowing your overall posture to be widely improved.
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Thanks to its great roof/windshield duo, the Vestratis is the best answer to difficult driving conditions.

The windshield protects you from road projections while the Piaggio insures road holding.

Stop fearing rain, snow or even hail. Thanks to the Vestratis, you stay dry and comfortable.
The design of the structure was imagined in order to keep Piaggio’s natural elegant style.

The spirit and dynamism of the original vehicle remains untouched.