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The VESTRATIS module is made of a steel internal structure, identical to the Piaggio MP3 steel structure, which is firmly secured to the 11 points of official grip, therefore in a non-intrusive way, without needing to drill, damaging or adding intermediate elements.
The hardtop roof is designed as a plane wing and composed of two bodywork elements of thermoformed ABS/PMMA plastics, glued to the steel structure. This ensures the rigidity of the assembly, channels the airflow while riding, and optimizes the aerodynamics of the vehicle.
The rear structure in coated steel support the hardtop roof and ensures aerodynamics by offering no air resistance.
Moreover, it allows to securely stow parcels and bags that could be transported on the passenger seat.
The laminated windshield, like those used in the car industry, allows to protect the pilot from any projectile on the road. Its slightly double-curbed shape is designed to canalize the airflow and send it up to the hardtop roof and to the sides, away from the pilot.
Moreover, its inverted trapezoid shape allows for a wider visibility on the road.
The windshield allows for the adding of an automobile wiper system, meaning a double-speed wiper motor controlling a double-arm to allow the maximum amplitude for the windscreen wiper action, therefore increasing visibility under rainy weather.
This wiper system is activated by an connector on the dashboard.
SCODIAM has been certified by several Competitiveness Poles, therefore branding the innovative vision of its product line ( MOV'EO, iTRANS, NOV@LOG, TES ).
The VESTRATIS has been developed by engineers from the automobile industry, ensuring its top-of-the-line quality level and validating, with the services of UTAC-CERAM, its conformity to all european regulations and its marketing.
for Piaggio MP3 registered before June 2014

Height of MP3 Vestratis : 1m85

Commercial release in 2020

The optional pendulum backrest for the driver increases driving comfort by providing support for the back. The backrest is attached to a U-shaped steel structure connected to the roof structure, and comes to rest freely on the central backrest of the saddle. Access to the trunk under the saddle is ensured by tilting the structure of the backrest forward.
VESTRATIS module only
(to be installed independently)
Used MP3 300 LT
Used MP3 400 LT
Used MP3 500 LT

850 €   750 €

from 3 000 €
according to mileage

from 4 000 €
according to mileage

from 5 000 €
according to mileage

Prices all taxes included